Forum: Broaden scope of laws on gambling to cover online games with chance elements, Forum News & Top Stories

The Ministry of Home Affairs' proposed amendments to Singapore's gambling regulations will have more advantages than disadvantages (Plans to broaden scope of laws on gambling, July 13). Gambling can have deleterious effects on one's family and health. Many people fall prey to excessive gambling because they are unaware of the exact consequences of their actions early on. This...

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Forum: Annual SkillsFuture Credit top-ups, paid leave for courses would boost lifelong learning, Forum News & Top Stories

I refer to the deal brokered at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development to implement rules that would make multinational companies pay an effective rate of "at least 15 per cent" and give smaller countries more tax revenue from foreign firms (130 nations, jurisdictions back 15% global minimum corporate tax, July 2). I agree with The Straits...

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Forum: Those whose smoke has affected others should be made to use smoking points, Forum News & Top Stories

Ms Sim Ann, adviser to Bukit Timah grassroots organisations and Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and National Development, noted that residential smoking has risen across many communities, at the recent launch of two smoking points in Clementi (Smoking points being piloted in Clementi estates, July 1). Designated smoking points have been in use in Orchard Road...

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Forum: A role for all park connector users to ensure others’ safety, Forum News & Top Stories

We thank the writers of Forum letters "Enforce cycling speed limit at Rail Corridor" (June 22), "Better safety rules needed for walkers and bikers on park connectors" and "Reserve middle lane of park connectors for cyclists" (both June 23), and "Park connector path markings need to be clearer" (June 25) for their feedback and suggestions. The Rail Corridor...

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Forum: Don’t base Covid-19 conclusions on half-truths and unproven conjectures, Forum News & Top Stories

I invite all Singaporeans to read The Straits Times' investigative report ('Trending' Covid-19 claims: Fact or fiction?, ST Online, June 17) which clears the air regarding four Covid-19 claims that are circulating in cyberspace. The specialists interviewed have clearly dispelled the concerns raised in these claims regarding vaccines and treatment for Covid-19 while being objective in their clarifications....

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